Malik Demir - Mark (Updated)

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Malik Demir - Mark (Updated)

Post by Renny on 14th December 2016, 10:34

Name: Malik Demir
Species: Human

  • Calm under Pressure
  • Confident and In Control
  • Fearless to a Fault

Control - 12
Daring - 10
Fitness - 7
Insight - 9
Presence - 9
Reason - 8

Command - 3
Conn - 4
Engineering - 3
Security - 3
Science - 2
Medicine - 1

Evasive Maneuvers, Fearless, Helm Operations


  • Acceptable Risk: Whenever you add one or more points to Threat to pay for an Immediate Momentum Spend, you may roll one [CD] for each point of Threat you are adding; each Effect rolled prevents a point being added to Threat.
  • Precise and Efficient: After rolling a test, but before determining success or generating Momentum, you may spend one point of Momentum (Immediate) to re-roll any number of dice in the pool.

Stress: OOOOOOOOOO (10)
Weapons and Attacks:
- Unarmed Strike: Melee, 4[CD] Knockdown, Size 1, Nonlethal
- Type 1 Phaser: Ranged, 5[CD], Size 2, Charge 3

Communicator, Tricorder

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