Thiaranest Zharath - Mike

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Thiaranest Zharath - Mike

Post by Renny on 14th December 2016, 10:26

Name: Thiaranest Zharath
Species: Andorian

  • Lead by Example
  • Fortune Favours the Bold
  • Rash and Reckless


Bravery - 12
Control - 8
Empathy - 8
Presence - 9
Reason - 8
Resilience - 10

Skills and Focuses

Command - 5  (Combat Tactics 4, Fearless 2)
Conn - 2
Engineering -1
Security -3
Science -1 (Ranged Attacks 3)
Medicine -2


  • Daring: When attempting a Task during combat, and you buy one or more d20s by adding to Threat, you may re-roll your dice pool.
  • Follow My Lead: Once per scene, when you succeed at a Task during combat or another perilous situation, you may also spend one Determination. If you do, choose a single ally. The next Task that ally attempts counts as having assistance from you, using your Presence + Command.

Weapons and Attacks:
- Unarmed Strike: Melee, 4[CD] Knockdown, Size 1, Nonlethal
- Type 2 Phaser: Ranged, 6[CD], Size 3, Charge 5

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