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Dresden Files

Post by kevinrolfe on 4th May 2011, 05:53

I have been thinking about a Dresden Esq campaign set in Crawley. it still in the Pie in the sky stage but i kinda like the idea of the Team being based out of Ewhurst Place in Ifield (complete with Moat). the team would run around Crawley just like Dresden runs around Chicago. White court Vamps in the New Karaoke bar.

Now so far i have some tentative PC's in mind. just names really

Daniel Stone "The Green Knight" Weider of the The Dyrnwyn of Rhydderch Hael

The Dyrnwyn ("White-Hilt") is said to be a powerful sword belonging to Rhydderch Hael,[3] one of the Three Generous Men of Britain mentioned in the Welsh Triads. When drawn by a worthy or well-born man, the entire blade would blaze with fire. Rhydderch was never reluctant to hand the weapon to anyone, hence his nickname Hael "the Generous", but the recipients, as soon as they had learned of its peculiar properties, always rejected the sword. (This is a Celtic version of the Church Knights from the Books)

Jacob "two Fangs" McKae a Scottish Werewolf
William James a Wizard. This is the Dresden dude, probably needs a new name/
Mourki some kind of giant brute, a kind of Fae not quite tied this bad boy down yet

And maybe
Jimmy "Lee" Choi-lu a half Jade-Court Vampire, Exchange student ?

I mention this as i have just overdosed on The Dresden Files and have to wait ages in until Ghost Story comes out, so have been looking at the overprice rpg again.

What do people think, is this worth spending time on?


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Re: Dresden Files

Post by NeilFord on 5th May 2011, 23:24

I'd definitely be up for playing this. So, yes, it's worth spending time on.

Unfortunately I sold my copies of the RPG books, otherwise I would have lent them to you, but I do still have the PDFs...

- Neil.

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