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Post by Mykilus on 13th August 2009, 08:28

Popped along to the cinema last weekend to see Moon,
I had heard good things about and i was looking forward to seeing it.
To my surprise it lived up to the hype, I had guessed the twist before seeing the movie, but the twist is not
what the story is about.
The film is well made (cosidering the budget) and has a solid story and good acting from the cast(all 7 of them), The effects witch have been unfavorably compared to Gerry Anderson, but fit the tone of the film perfactly,To be honest it was nice to see the effects done with model work as they gave the film a comfortable and familier feel, or am i just being nostalgic?.
I can`t recomend this film enough, and urge you to go and see it, you wont be dissapointed, As we both left the cinema with a satisfied feeling and grins on oer faces, something that Transformers, Terminator and Potter all failed to do.


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Re: MOON......

Post by Renny on 14th August 2009, 02:46


Thank you for a nice little review. I have heard some good things about this movie and will make an effort to pick it up on DVD as it's unlikely i'll make it to the cinema. I'm glad you enjoyed it and took the time to write about it.

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