Tyranids vs Genestealers - 500pt friendly

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Tyranids vs Genestealers - 500pt friendly

Post by agentofping on 5th May 2009, 04:51

Mission: Annihilation
Setup: Dawn of War

A 500pt battle with the genestealer/broodlord army on one side and theTyranids on the other. Tyranids setup first and were able to blow some of the enemy stealers away, but then they got to move and assualted the termagants in turn one with three broods of stealers, totally anhilating the termagants. The warriors pulled back but even with the rest of the force the genestealers were not to be denied. The continued their advance, chomping their way through the Tyranids. The loss of the Warriors threw the remaining broods into disarray and despite the rallyin of the remaining Hormagants the 'stealers managed to win they day.

A close game however and a lot of fun to play. Don't relish fighting a stealer only army! Congrats to Broodlord Hayden for his victory this day.

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