Tau vs 'Nids - 750pt 'Friendly'

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Tau vs 'Nids - 750pt 'Friendly'

Post by agentofping on 14th April 2009, 00:41

Mission: Capture and Control
Setup: Pitched Battle

(We seemed destined to play that setup...)

The game was played on (an almost) 6 x 4' table and we used less scenery this time. The Tau won the toss and choose to setup first, but the Tyranids managed to seize the initiative and actually went first. The game only went to 3 rounds before it had to be ended because of time. The game lasted about 2 1/2 hours. Although not finished things were looking bad for the Tau and turn 4 would have probably meet with the total annihilation of the Broadsides, leaving just the scout suits on the field. However they had been able to pummel the 'nids for the first couple of round taking out 18 Termagaunt and 2 Warriors.

With the start of turn 3 however the 'nids were in assualt range. The new and improved stealers wiped out a squad of Firewarriors and the hormagants routing the other. The two remaining warriors and the carnifex weighed in against the crisis suits who also were routed and destroyed.

At the end of the game there were two Broadsides on the Tau side, plus their untouched stealth suits and the Stealers were in possesion of the Tau objective. Pictures going up shortly.

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