Starbase 364 "Narendra Station"

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Starbase 364 "Narendra Station"

Post by Renny on 14th December 2016, 10:40

The United Federation of Planets is seeking to expand its exploration efforts beyond current territorial boundaries into regions which until now have only been mapped by automated survey probes. Very little is known about the area of the galaxy beyond the far borders of space claimed by the Klingon and Romulan Empires. Starfleet has made only a handful of visits to this largely uncharted sector, christened by some nameless stellar cartographer “the Shackleton Expanse” in honor of the famed twentieth-century Earth explorer, Ernest Shackleton. Though Starfleet has established a token presence in the area with starbases to serve as outposts along this unfamiliar frontier, Narendra Station has been designated as the waypoint for this increased exploration

Formally designated Starbase 364, Narendra Station has been operational since 2353. Named in tribute to the Klingon colonists who were massacred during a Romulan sneak attack against the outpost on Narendra III in 2344, the starbase also serves as a reminder of the pivotal shift in Klingon-Federation relations which occurred in the aftermath of the assault. During the attack, the Starfleet vessel U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-C commanded by Captain Rachel Garrett answered the colony’s distress call, managing to repel the attacking Romulan ships and saving the outpost from total annihilation. The action came at the cost of the Enterprise-C and its crew, a gesture of bravery and sacrifice which was not lost on the Klingon Empire’s High Council.

Out of tragedy was forged a new era of Federation-Empire alliance. For now, both Federation and Klingon officials have worked to broaden and fortify this alliance, expanding beyond mere military alliances to other common interests such as territorial expansion as well as locating planets rich in needed resources. Though the Klingons have largely done away with the practice of subjugating other worlds and civilizations to imperial interests, this does not mean the High Council and Federation leadership always see eye to eye.
Narendra Station serves as one more method of enhancing the existing Federation-Empire partnership. Both Starfleet and Klingon personnel live and work here, pursuing missions and goals relevant to their individual government as well as joint tasks that serve to further support continuing collaborative efforts. Given its location and relative isolation from more populated areas of Federation space, the station’s command staff is granted a broad authority to dispatch the vessels in its charge on missions of exploration as well as diplomacy. The starbase also serves as a first line of defense against threats to Federation and Klingon security, whether introduced by a known adversary such as the Romulans, or anyone or anything previously unidentified that might emerge from the unexplored depths of the Shackleton Expanse or points beyond.

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