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Post by kevinrolfe on 29th August 2014, 09:40

Just though i might mentions this, i will be attending the following Cons and running the following games

Dragonmeet 2014 where i will run 3 Games
- Renuion (yes the one from White dwarf)
- Singularity Bomb 1.2
- the Death of a Hero (the untold story of American Eagle during the Korean War)

WynterCon 2014 where i will run 6 games 3 on Saturday and 3 on Sunday
these are tentitive games
- Origin (revised Pilcomayo Project) last run at Expo 201
- The Doors of Hell or Nightmare quest (a tentitive tale of the Fraterity, and the battle of Porton Down, from their perspective) title may change
- The Justice Assoiates curse of the yellow Peril ( a 1930s hero romp part on of three)
- Rise of the Ironclad ( the first iteration of Shadow V. and the capture of Edward English)
- The Golden Age ( an important tale of the early days of the EAGLES)
- The Seige of Deadwood  A Victorian tale with the First gunslinger set in the US.

And next year

Expo 2015 where i will be running 8 games 
- Hitler and the Holy Grail - set in 44
- The Singularity Bomb 1.3
- Officers of DICE Issue 2 a follow on from last years game part of the Shadow war crossover
- Something, Something Matese Falcon EAGLE adventure that takes place after QV&HG and their excape from the Shadow plain, part of the Shadow war crossover
- Something Rotten in the Crimea after their release from the Shadow Plain, the team are sent back to the 1940's part of the SHadow war Crossover 
- Alone against the Krai, the starguard have left earth, after the events in Crossfire, this is the tem going home
- Crawling from the wreakage sequal to last years Starlight Pact adventure.
- Justice Associates Excape from Mysterious Island ( the follow on to the Curse of the Yelow peril)

Each game should be seen are part of an ongoing Comic book series, all in the shared Eagleverse, with crossovers etc.


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