The rules of the game

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The rules of the game

Post by Renny on 26th July 2013, 03:26

Here's a few thing to remember when playing in the game.

  • Keep your comments to the relevant forum. Post only descriptive text relevant to the ongoing adventure in the adventure thread. Post anything else in the Out of Character forum.

  • If you want to make a quick comment in the adventure thread, clarifying what you're trying to do, preface it with OOC: and colour it in red, as follows - OOC:This is a test

  • When the game enters a combat situation, I will draw cards on your behalf and post them. Try and post your actions in the correct order, so whoever gets the highest card describes what they're doing first, the next highest card posts next and so on.

  • Try and be descriptive when explaining what you want to do, and try and keep your comments in the same tense as everyone else.

  • When a dice roll is required, I will tell you what to roll. I will trust you to roll the dice and tell me what you rolled truthfully.

  • Try and check the forum at least once a day, and post as soon as possible if you are required to do so. This will keep the game moving and intersting. I would ask that everyone try and post a minimum of twice a week but more than this is better.

  • Private messages are positively encouraged. I will use them freely so make sure you log into the forum each time you visit and check your PM queue.

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