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geneology quest

Post by kevinrolfe on 15th February 2009, 19:59

since the 25th of Jan i have been off with the ancestors. i have wanted to begin the whole family tree thing since the early 80's but never got round to it. do i decided i would do some thing this year... i did a quick search on the internet for my maternal Grandmothers surname. and found a "one name study" on the Dunsford name, 3 emails later i have a family tree going back to 1566, and a number of new cousins. it is now the 15th and i have all four grandparents going bake to around the 1600's, as two other family member have done similar.

it is a very addictive "thing" very all consuming.

I am slowing down with it to give me time to review all the data i have. which lets me focus on the juicy bits,
the Murder, the heroic death in Flanders, the missing Canadian Trapper, A POW in Japan and a Holocaust survivor not to mention my granddad who was posted in Ireland 1914 + Palestine 1944 and the issue of the mysterious story Nan used to say about the titanic..sorry did i say slowing...

Just thought i'd share. as it has consumed me in the last couple of weeks, which is why i may have taken my eye off the dice, sorry i will do better.



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