Doctor Who - Series 7 - Episode 1 "Asylum Of the Daleks"

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Doctor Who - Series 7 - Episode 1 "Asylum Of the Daleks"

Post by Renny on 3rd September 2012, 19:19

For me, this episode was a really pleasant surprise. An atmospheric teaser, setting the benchmark of everything being on a grand scale with the Dalek statue on Skaro. Liked the fact that Skaro looked like a post apocalyptic wasteland, re-emphasizing the reason for the Daleks' existence in the first place. Like most people, I was caught out by the early appearance of the new companion, who was attractive, funny, "spunky" and clever. The episode cracked along at a great pace. I was pleased to see the creepy sequences in the Dalek asylum as Rory was trapped alone. I shall long remember "Eggs...terrr...". All of the cast were on good form, and the tragic ending was also completely unexpected. All in all a very satisfying start to the series, and I look forward to next weeks episode with excitement.

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Re: Doctor Who - Series 7 - Episode 1 "Asylum Of the Daleks"

Post by rogartheranger on 4th September 2012, 10:05

I loved that sequence at the beginning on Skaro which was very atmospheric and a real unexpected joy to see the Doctor standing there for the first time since 1979's Destiny of the Daleks (which co-incidentally) also launched the 17th series on the same date, 1/9/79. Then to top that an even bigger surprise followed with the debut of the new companion 4 months early. Quite how this managed to slip by onto our screens without being spoiled in advance is amazing in this day and age and was really appreciated. I was very impressed with Jenna Louise Coleman and am already scratching my head trying to work out how they're going to bring her back? Perhaps Mr Moffat has some sort of Wibbly Wobbly timey-wimey explanation planned! It was a real thrill seeing so many Daleks on display and the addition of the Dalek Prime Minister was cool. Also liked the new deeper toned paint jobs given to the red and blue (new paradigm) Daleks and pleased to see the return of the bronze Daleks with the new paradigm used in fewer numbers as an officer-class. Best of all were the creepy sequences in the asylum with all those dirt/dust covered insane relics slowly coming back to life and a chance for eagle eyed viewers to spot the old classic series models. It was a great nod to the past to have the Doctors previous adventures on Spiridon, (Planet of the Daleks), Kembel (Daleks Masterplan), Vulcan (Power of the Daleks), Aridius (The Chase) and Exxilon (Death to the Daleks) referenced in the Intensive Care sequence. Finally unlike the RTD era, the episode doesn't end with the complete annilihation of virtually every Dalek and instead leaves their empire very much intact ready for their next scheme (if only they can remember who the Doctor is.....). Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill were on really good form especially Matt and I can't wait to see Dinosaurs on a Spaceship. Bring it on!!!!

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