Forum game?

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Forum game?

Post by Renny on 27th June 2012, 23:05

I'm interested in maybe setting up a forum game to run here. I took part in a Star Trek game for several years and enjoyed the heck out of it. We should be able to run this alongside other projects, so anyone interested? Tell me what you might like to play as well. At the moment, i'm open to ideas. Is this the way to continue the Necessary Evil game?

For those not familiar with the idea, the game is run on the forum. You generally have an in character and out of character thread. The in character thread is where I post what's happening and you tell me what you want to do. The out of character thread is where you talk about what's going on. As a player, your commitment is to create a character, and then check the forum threads and post a couple of time a week. The more frequently we post, the quicker the game goes.

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