A Song of Fire and Ice

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A Song of Fire and Ice

Post by kevinrolfe on 20th March 2012, 07:19

I have just finished A Dance with Dragons. Reading all of the series back-to-back, phew

Overall i would recommend it. but Martin has far too many characters he also seems to have no idea where the story is going.
Originally envisaged as trilogy he extended the story, but it feels like it is a little messy you can completely miss characters due to the vast number. And he has a really annoying habit of building a event up then only writing about the event 4 chapters ahead as an afterthought. Which does feel like lazy writing? (Jim Butcher does this a little bit in the Dresden Files). Don’t get me wrong I really enjoyed it, enjoyed the whole series.

Now Martin is 63 it has taken him 5 years to produce this book so the next one could be 2016 when his is 68 and the last 2021 when he is 73. I am not waiting 10 years to find out what happened.

If he can punt a book out in 2 years I will read it, beyond that no.

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Re: A Song of Fire and Ice

Post by Renny on 20th March 2012, 09:21

I'm struggling with book 2. Love the tv show, the books, not so much.

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