Doctor who series 6 part 2

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Doctor who series 6 part 2

Post by scarab on 26th July 2011, 01:16

a friend came across the comic con trailer for part 2 and a snippet of a upcoming doctor who episode

personally i can't wait

series 6 part 2 clips

the god complex clip

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Re: Doctor who series 6 part 2

Post by rogartheranger on 27th July 2011, 09:33

It doesn't look like we will have much longer to wait now as BBC America have recently confirmed that Doctor Who will return to the channel on Saturday 27th August. Although the BBC have not yet confirmed a UK premiere date, (which they will not do until nearer the day of transmission), it is likely that it will also be on 27th August as this is the same pattern they followed previously with the launch of Series 6 (part 1).

The Comic Con trailer looks great btw, I cant wait to see that Hitler episode. :-)

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