The Tyrannids (Hive Mind Russ ) vs The Blood Angels (Captain Power)

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The Tyrannids (Hive Mind Russ ) vs The Blood Angels (Captain Power)

Post by scarab on 26th June 2011, 22:30

Yesterday saw the dramatic battle between Russ's Nids and My/Haydens Blood Angels
1050 points : spearhead : annihilation

Blood Angels force :
10 x tactical marines
5 x death company marines(power swords) with razorback transport
sanguinary guard
1 x dreadnaught las-cannons
1 x furisio dreadnaught in drop pod .(FD)

Tyrannids :
Hive tyrant : bone sword , lash whip heavy venom cannon
6 x warriors : venom cannon , barbed stangler
10 genestealers
11 devourer gaunts
11 hormagaunts :venom sacs
11 termagaunts
1 x carnifex : heavy venom cannon(the famous gun bunny)


all the nid forces were deployed on the field with the genestealers infiltrating to the right flank of the blood angels deployment zone , the blood angels chose to keep the furisio dreadnaught (FD) and sanguinary guard in reserve (a risky tactic) and the death company remained in the razorback transport .

Blood angels took the first turn and fire was exchanged between dreadnaught and carnifex .

The following turn saw the hopefull arrival of the blood angels reserves denied by a rubbish reserve rolls . although the death company disembarked from their transport .... again fire was exchanged between the dreadnaught and the carnifex which ultimately lead to the dreadnaught assaulting the carnifex , this ended in the death of the carnifex (shock horror)

The third turn saw the arrival of both blood angels reserves , which landed to the rear of the tyrannid lines severly disrupting the tyranid advance . In this turn the death company (being the mad shock troops of the blood angels) charged the termagaunts and destroyed the unit totally !!!!

The following turns tended to be almost entirely about assault but to both our surprise it was the me and blood angels doing most of the assaulting . the furisio dreadnaught was beset by 3 warriors and the venomed hormagaunts but due to the sturdy nature of the FD the nids could not damage it and the FD destroyed the warriors and gaunts with the help of the sanguinary guard (who lost 3 of the their number from the poison claws of the gaunts)

the final turn saw the loss of 2 death company who had charged the Hive Tyrant(after the hive tyrant had destroyed the dreadnaught) who in turn had managed to deal the death blow to the hive tyrant .
The genestealers who had been skirting round the right flank of the blood angels line had at last engaged the tactical squad (who had been carrying out a planned withdraw so as not to engage the genestealers) and managed to kill 5 marines outright without a single genestealer loss.

The game ended
Blood angels loss :
5 tactical marines
1 x dreadnaught
3 sanguinary guard
3 death company

Tyranids loss
the only units standing was 8 genestealers...

On the whole a very good game , that was surprising in how the blood angels become the predominate assault army , the high % of mechanized also gave the blood angels and very big advantage .

i'd like to point out that in this game we wanted to play test a new assault rule , which although did not get used much when it was used seemed to work well .

"The Blood Angels Rule the Field"

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Re: The Tyrannids (Hive Mind Russ ) vs The Blood Angels (Captain Power)

Post by Digger on 27th June 2011, 17:20

Nice one Ben - Look forward to pitching my Orks against the Power brood! Very Happy

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