The Suez Crisis

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The Suez Crisis

Post by kevinrolfe on 30th May 2011, 01:59

I have had an idea about Suez, that stems from something in the Sinai desert. i wont go in to much detail just yet as i need a couple of bits to flesh the thing out.

Ok so the British discover the end of the world will begin from St Catherine's Monastery in the Sinai or very nearby. It begins as a murmured rumor, which makes the Empire bankrupt Khedive Ismail allowing Disraeli to buy a stake in the Canal, thus allowing the UK to have "People" in place by 1875/6, they find nothing.

Later the 1904 expedition goes further and finds a big clue which unfortunately is buried for 40 years. a mistranslation of the Hebrew word for Insect. then in the mid 50's the pieces of the puzzle are put together and the dark truth reveled to Eden. Eden is told of a darkness which will rise in the desert that must be stopped at all costs or the world will plunge in to the dark.

Eden realises that no one will believe him, so he begins to Lie to the house, to Dulles, to the Guy Mollet and to Eisenhower the only people he does not lie to are Ben-Gurion and Peres. he tells them the truth, it is unclear why he tells them except for the fact it was the Jewish lead rebellion in Egypt 4,000 odd years ago that first encountered the darkness in the Sinai.

Nasser was advised to take the canal, by British paid spy's, all of Edens pawns were in place. he understood where this would leave him in the eyes of the world but he also knew what he must do to save the world.

As the ruse of Israeli aggression and Anglo-French peace were played out Mossad and the SAS entered the monastery. and saved the world.

I have left of the "bits" that will make up the "event" and just what will the end of the world be. but over all does this look like a go'er?

Both Esienhower and Dulles (in 59 on his death bed) said they were wrong and should have supported Eden.


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