Pirates 4 in 3D

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Pirates 4 in 3D

Post by kevinrolfe on 27th May 2011, 03:54

Ok so having to watch a film with another set of glasses on is not my cup of tea. so when the mob wanted to see Pirates 4 in 3D i winced.

The film is better in 2D its a normal film which looks like it has been rendered up to 3D.
First off My wife and Kids thought is was good.

As for Me, well its loosely base on Tim Powers book of the same name inf act i thin the whole series is inspired by Jack Shandy.. it was a standard pirate romp, with Zombies and Mermaids only the Zombies Talk and the Mermaid are killers with very big teeth.

I wished id have waited to er get it else where rather than see it in the pictures.

So go see if you are a die hard Sparrow fan otherwise catch it on the telly at some point.

I am very hard to please though.


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