Putting the Bin Liner out

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Putting the Bin Liner out

Post by kevinrolfe on 4th May 2011, 03:23

OK so am i getting this all wrong or is it my natural cynicism?

Obama ordered US troops to invade a sovereign Nation (Pakistan) and execute an OAP with Kidney failure, who they allege committed a crime on US soil, which they have yet to produce any evidence for. Is that not against international law? or have i read that all wrong? they never heard of due process.

But on top of that they just tell us he's dead (double tap to the head) then perform a CSI speed DNA check and dump his body in the sea. Is it an election year of something.

Or is was a Delta Green mission gone wrong. Maybe this was the eastern chapter of the Ghoul cult (double tap to the head). or worse it was a Desdenesq hit on a Jade Court compound. Body dumped at sea to hide the fact it had been staked.

If what the US say is true (Really!) then they should have Burke and Hare'd him by having his Skeleton on show at the Smithsonian, or at Ellis Island, with the legend.."Obama says you're welcome"


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