FA Batrep - Narn vs Centauri

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FA Batrep - Narn vs Centauri

Post by Renny on 26th April 2011, 09:11

Digger hosted a game of Firestorm Armada today and acted as advisor to novice Admiral Maddie. We used Digger's ACTA minis with Maddie playing the Centauri and myself playing the poor downtrodden Narn. Digger create the stats for the ships and the fleets used the standard FA starter fleet composition of 1 battleship, 2 cruisers and 4 frigates. We had two plantetary bodies in the battlefield. Starting at opposite ends of the table the Narn had their battleship take the centre course with the squadron of frigates on her port flank and the cruisers on her starboard. This configuration was mirrored by the Centauri at the other end of the battlefield. The Narn lured the Centauri frigates into splitting from their main fleet and putting one of the planetoids between them and the main Narn units. This tactic only lasted for a turn though and soon the Narn were taking heavy fire. First one side then the other lost frigates and then the battleships and cruisers met in the middle of the table. The heavy units slowed and then stopped while the frigates sniped at each other on the flank. The battleships plugged away at each other for a turn or two but then the Narn switched to targetting the Centauri cruisers. This was to no avail as soon the Narn only had the battleship left on the table while the Centauri had three ships remaining. With all enemy units pouring fire into the Narn battleship, the Narn commander decided to live to fight another day and jumped into hyperspace, leaving the victorious Centauri to toast their victory.

I enjoyed the game and it definitely plays better that it reads. Battleships are real tough to break down but i guess that's to be expected. The complexity level is around the ACTA mark but I suspect it will play even quicker when i'm more familiar with the rules. Maddie enjoyed playing and overall i'm pretty sold on the game.

"Believe it or not," Doc advised her, "we get some fun out of this sort of thing."

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Re: FA Batrep - Narn vs Centauri

Post by Digger on 26th April 2011, 17:28

Glad you enjoyed it - Look forward to the next one, especially the idea of a Trek version!

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