WH40K Help Needed!

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WH40K Help Needed!

Post by Digger on 28th February 2011, 18:25

Dear All,

I am over in Northern Ireland the 1st week in April and have rashly promised a mate of mine a game of WH40K.

As I have had very little practice and more importantly, no minitaures to play the game I am hoping some generous person will:

1. Give me some advice on the best 500 point army to beat Necrons.

2. Lend me miniatures for said best 500 point army.

In exchange you will have my eternal gratitude, until the next time I need something; but more importantly a bottle of your choice from the DF on the way back.

Answers and suggestions on a postacard to this topic please! Very Happy



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Re: WH40K Help Needed!

Post by Great Teufel on 28th February 2011, 19:21

Necrons are pretty tough (hard to put down and harder to keep down). If you have means to safely transport them you can use my Tyranids (1200pts approx). They are easy to play; just charge them at the enemy and start biting.

The only downside with my Nid's is that their req'd HQ choice is quite expensive for a 500 point build (about 200 points). Mind you the Necrons have the same problem, their basic troop type is 19 points a model and they need at least two squads of 10 so you might be alright.

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