first contact

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first contact

Post by Mykilus on 18th January 2009, 22:24

With a wave of energy the fleet surfaced back into normal space and began decelerating into orbit around the planet below.
The fleet consisted of 2 battleships, half a dozen cruisers, a Kroot warsphere and a myriad of freighters and smaller vessels, Within minuets the battleships had detached six orca gunships witch took up defensive positions around the fleet.
The Tau had arrived.
On the bridge of the flagship the The Commander studied his readouts and ponderd upon his orders from the
Ethereal cast.
The Gue`la (humans) had returned, Their incursion was spearheaded by the old enemy, The Skittari regiment.
And so the Commanders Battle Group had been dispatched to this area with orders to set up a base of operations on the world below,And to monitor for activity in this sector of space.

Shortly the first wave of landing craft and drop ships headed for the dead world below.
The first wave was heading for some ruins that had been detected from orbit. As the crafts approached the Commander looked out over the cyclopean vista to ruins and felt a sense of unease that run down his spine.
The dropships touched down and with practiced ease the troops began to deploy while unknown to them something old and anciant began to stir...

The first sign of attack came when one of the ruins came to life and began to move, The monolith approached the Tau force and began to disgorge squad after squad of metallic skeletal warriors.
the Tau response was immediate and a ferocious firefight insured. Though out numbered the Necrons just kept advancing and began to do serious damage to the Tau forces. The Commander watched the battle develop on his relays and ordered his heavy units which were now ready for combat into the fray.As he did so he noticed a massive crescent shaped structure burst into life and send an almost blindingly intense green pulse of energy into the sky, Within seconds he was receiving reports from the fleet that it was under attack.
the Hammerheads and Broadside battlesuits added their considerable firepower to the fight and the balance of power began to tip back in favour of the Tau, The commander ordered a flight of Barracuda fighter bombers in on the Necron structure and he watched as they peeled in and laid down destruction on the structure totally destroying it, The Necrons were on the back foot now, A hammerhead fired it`s rail gun at the monolith and the hypervelocity round tore into the monoliths armour, destroying the power feeds inside the monolith witch exploded in a wave of unearthly energy. Then something strange began to happen, As the Commander watched the warriors began to fade out, he watched in amazement as one of the necrons raised his weapon to finish of a fallen firewarrior and just simply faded out of existence. Just as quickly as it had begun the battle was over, and the Commander began snapping orders to secure the perimeter and to take a stock of casualties.

After the situation had calmed down and was getting back under control, The Commander was outside of the Control bunker when he glanced up into the night sky. He saw what looked like shooting stars entering the atmosphere and assumed that it was the wreckage of the cruiser that had been destroyed by the
Necron weapon, This did not last long however as a call on his comm unit called him back to the bunker. Rushing back he was shown an image on the scanner of the `shooting star`, it was not wreckage, but he recognise it, Coming through the atmosphere was the organic mass of Tyranid drop pods,
the commander alerted his warriors, they were going to have more visitors.............

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