Assault on the Synapse Node

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Assault on the Synapse Node

Post by Great Teufel on 12th September 2010, 06:24

The Tyranids have established a synapse node; an immobile amplifier of the will of the Hive Mind, able to exert its influence over a vast area. Within its aura the forces of the Tyranid horde can operate as they wish. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to eliminate this threat.

Roll for scenario and setup as normal (ignore the Annihilation result, objective capturing missions only) the only exception is that the Tyranid player sets up his forces first. One of the objectives on the table must be the Synapse Node and must be a least 12" away from the Tyranid player's table edge.

Special Rules
The Tyranid Synapse Node means that all the tyranids on the table count as being within synapse range regardless of their distance from an actual synapse creature. The synapse node cannot move or attack and has T:6 W:4.

When the node is 'killed' all remaining synapse creatures on table will suffer the effects of Tyranid Psychic Scream power (make a leadership test and take a wound for every point the roll is failed by ) but their leadership is at -2 for the purposes of this attack. Those Tyranids that are within 18" of the node when it goes up are at -4 to their leadership.

If the node is destroyed it counts as being captured for the purposes of victory conditions even if you don't have a unit within 3" of the of the node.

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