Darkworld (ages 10+) Champeeen

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Darkworld (ages 10+) Champeeen

Post by Great Teufel on 1st July 2010, 17:44

After a quick warm up game (of something or other) the real event of the evening took place, Darkworld (ages 10+) an awesome game of deep tactics and strategy that, oh that's right, I just happened to win! Despite some setbacks early in the game I crushed the opposition - particularly the lazy and cowardly yellow fellow - to vanquish the snake-fella in his Arena of Death.

My opponents took a whalloping to be sure, reeling from the simple fact that my mastery of the game's tactics outclassed them at every turn - yep even getting sent back to beginning and not finding the secret passage, then getting through the secret passage and then getting sent back through the secret passage was all part of my plan. Having successfully bamboozled them all into thinking that I didn't have a chance I went on win, win I say and I still had loads of cards and healing potions left as well. Anyway they will not soon forget this drubbing and it will be a long, long, time (hopefully) before any of them dare break this complex and involved game out again.

To the victor the spoils. Twisted Evil

Next MOUSETRAP! Laughing

"I've got a lantern, a pair of waders and possibly the most fearsome piece of hand artillery in all England - what could possibly go wrong?"

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Re: Darkworld (ages 10+) Champeeen

Post by rogartheranger on 2nd July 2010, 05:42

A quick warm-up game? Lol, that warm-up game you so quickly brushed over was our main-event - the awesome Ticket to Ride - which I won by thrashing all my opponents with a whooping final score of 122 (19 points more then my closest rival). Not only did I acheive 3 ticket destinations but also claimed the longest continous rail route to sustain a rail-empire from as far afield as Seattle to Montreal!!!!

As for "Darkworld" this was a long forgotten 'classic' boardgame (cc-1991) from Waddingtons that was retrieved from my loft last week, dusted-off, and used as the thrilling launch point for a series of classic kids games that we will be endeavouring to play over the coming weeks such as Mouse Trap (thanks Heidi). Congrats to my esteemed opponent - the Great Teuful - for vanquishing my evil minions and for enduring the humiliation for constantly being knocked unconscious by the Spectre and sent back to the start every couple of turns (oh how i laughed my arse off - Very Happy ).

Till next time folks!!

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