Cityfight - 2500pt Game

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Cityfight - 2500pt Game

Post by Great Teufel on 10th May 2010, 06:54

Although not fought entirely to conclusion this game ended in a decisive victory for Ben's Blood Angels who roundly beat Mike's Tau, ending up with the Marines holding 3 of the 7 objectives to the Tau's 0. There was some spectacular early casualties when the Tau tank was taken out with one lucky shot, other high points included the heroic fight put up by the Tau's human mercs against an elite unit of Marines and the Kroot attack on the Angel's monster Dreadnought and I'm sure the antagonists will have other fond (or not so) recollections...

The game was fought at 2500pts on a 10 x 4' table, one end open terrain and the other a built up city area which contained most of the objectives that needed to be captured.

Setup view of the 'clear' end of the table

Setup view of the city end of the table.

'Fancy Pants' assaults Tau power armour

Marine and Tau scouts take position in the deserted city

Late in the game; the Blood Angels begin to 'roll up' the Tau line

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Re: Cityfight - 2500pt Game

Post by Renny on 10th May 2010, 22:36

Neat write up and pics. Let us know when the next game is happening so I can come and watch

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