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What next chaps

Post by kevinrolfe on 20th December 2009, 20:00

In January we will begin paying anew, i was wondering what, when and in what format we should do this?

I would like to finish of the JA game first if possible as this is a loose end from last year (this year).

As for for what to do beyond that i have a hankering for Biggles as i have been polishing the second part (3rd & 4th as well. each part is 3 session long but could be run as a 9 session game) of the campaign, but as ever i am easy...

Now i did have a minor thought Harry Potter year 3, It ended with the chums in Stonehenge surrounded by the 5 ancient druids/Wizards. if people like and as a test for the forum games Steve set up i could run a mini "scene" to get the PC from Stonehenge to their homes ready for the rest of year 3, that way you start Year 4 from the first day of term. ?? just a though i had.

In other news i may have my 6 session Epic C&S game ready before the end of the year. affraid


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