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Speed Racer

Post by Renny on 9th January 2009, 09:55

Thanks to Ben I have the loan of his Playstation 3 while he and the family are sunning themselves in sunny Florida. This is mainly to allow me to check out blu-ray on my new 42" Panasonic Viera plasma tv. I've been sceptical of hd in the past and wasn't expecting to have my opinion changed much. One of the movies loaned by Ben is Speed Racer, last year's much overlooked and maligned opus form the Warshowski brothers, whom I still haven't forgiven for actually completing the Matrix trilogy. I popped the movie in without much expectation, and I have to say, on blu-ray at least, this thing floored me. The images are absolutely crystal clear and as the movie is an insane colour-fest, it fair crackles out of the screen. I've never seen an episode of the animated series but the opening montage brought me quickly into the world of car obsessed Speed, and the dark events surrounding his older brother Rex. I can predict where the story is going but it hardly seems to matter when you're having this much fun and such compelling eye candy . Comparisons can be drawn with the artificially created worlds of 300 and Sin City, and in all three, imho, characterisation plays second fiddle to the mindblowing visuals. Where Speed Racer beats the other two is that is has a heart and a sense of fun missing from those two gloom fests. Speed Racer is intended as a kids film and why the hell not. I don't know whether this would have the same impact on me on plain old DVD but i'm sure when i finally cave and go blu-ray, Speed Racer will be on the shopping list.

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