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MapTool - Virtual Tabletop

Post by agentofping on 23rd August 2009, 23:30

I think I have waxed lyrical about this software before, but I have been looking at it again. RPTools has a number of free programs for use with RPGs. MapTool in particular is worth a look.

This software will allow you to run games 'virtually' over a network. For a free program it is very impressive, especially when you consider that most software of this kind costs money. I may try and get a test game going so may be looking for volunteers in the future. All the software requires Java to be installed but if you download the zip file version of maptool it requires no installation on your system which is nice. If you are interested in what it can do go here and check the extensive collection of video tutorials available.

The TokenTool software is also very nice and great for quickly creating counters.


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