Actual Play MP3s

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Actual Play MP3s

Post by agentofping on 20th August 2009, 18:48

Here is a list of 'actual play' recordings of various RPG sessions. Quality and entertainment value vary...

RPGMP3: Contains many recordings; one section focusing on D&D etc the other has a more varied selection of games.

Horror on the Orient Express: The entire CoC campaign from the folks at Very long, but laugh at loud funny in places.

Walker in the Wastes: Another CoC campaign from the folks at

Spirit of the Century: Many recordings of Spirit of the Century games - lots of con games so sound quality is variable. There are many types of recordings on this site so worth searching for other game recording (including Savage Worlds).

Gamers Haven: Follow the link to the actual play section, mainly D&D but also has Deadlands sessions. Their podcast is also worth checking out.


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