Battle Report - 5 Point Raid - Narn vs. Centauri

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Battle Report - 5 Point Raid - Narn vs. Centauri

Post by Digger on 8th July 2009, 17:38

And so it begins - The return of the mighty Ben Power to the ACTA playing fields of hell! affraid

Digger took his Narn consisting of:

3 x Var’Nic
4 x Ka’Tan

Ben took Centauri consisting of:

2 x Elutarians
1 x Balvaran
1 x Corvan
3 x Vorchan

Turn one saw the Narn close to within firing range and open up with a devastating first strike of ion torpedoes and energy mines which accounted for a Vorchan that blew up damaging the other pack members.

Turn two brought everyone into firing range and the Narn had the better of it, dispatching two more Vorchan’s and the Balvaran in a single round for the loss of a single Ka’Tan! Twisted Evil

By now it was looking like a massive Narn victory was in the offing but then the fight-back started and what a fight back! Evil or Very Mad

Using the superior turning ability of the Centauri and the massive fire-power of the Elutarian’s, the Centauri whittled down the Narn fleet until, at the end of turn four, the number of ships on the board was even; an Elutarian and Corvan versus a Var’Nic and a Ka’Tan. Crying or Very sad

Luckily for the Narn, the remaining Elutarian was crippled and couldn’t turn allowing the Var’Nic to finally bring his beam to bear. Once the Elutarian was gone both Narn ships turned on the Corvan and although protected by stealth, was not enough to defeat the Narn attack.

In the end a narrow, very narrow, victory to the Narn, but I think the next time will be even more difficult as the Centauri will be baying for Narn blood!! Twisted Evil

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Re: Battle Report - 5 Point Raid - Narn vs. Centauri

Post by scarab on 8th July 2009, 20:20

A enjoyable game and what a fight back it was i thought that the game would be over very quickly following the destruction of the Vorchan Hunting pack , Those Elturians just kept on going

The Centuari will return one day to reek a terrible vengence on the Narn

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