The challenge Round 2

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The challenge Round 2

Post by scarab on 19th June 2009, 18:42

Thought i'd get the ball rolling on round 2

i'd like to propose the following all of which are just my opinion

Army Points : 1000 , i think we all have enough painted miniatures .

Players : ben :necron , Russ : tyrannids , Mike : Tau , Simon : Imperial Guard

end of round major game when we have completed all the individual games then we could organise a 4 way battle (2vs 2)

Hayden : has a slightly expanded blood angels army which he would like to play , perhaps if people are open to it then a game could be organised although this would be outside the tournament (time constraints ect)

playing area would need to be agreed between us all ( although space constraints tend to restrict me to 2 x pasting tables size)

i think that these proposals are completley open and would need to be agreed by all players


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