Destination: Switzerland

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Destination: Switzerland

Post by kevinrolfe on 12th June 2009, 07:34

10 days before the Large Hadron Collider at CERN it to be turn on YOU have a very vivid dream the LHC will open a rift and a Presence will come through and destroy the world. You must stop them turning it on at all costs.

This is a Savage worlds one shot where you play YOU, living in Crawley when the dream happens, What would You Steve, Russ, Mike, Chris etal do. how would you get to CERN in 10 days and stop this.

Any takers ?


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Re: Destination: Switzerland

Post by Mykilus on 12th June 2009, 09:02

yes , not sure what i would do yet, will have to sleep on it

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