1500 point Necron Vs tau

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1500 point Necron Vs tau

Post by scarab on 31st May 2009, 17:27

The forces of the tau and necron met upon the field of battle (30/05/09)

This was a capture and control ,spearhead mission at 1500 points
Necron army comprised of
1 x Destroyer lord
1 x Heavy destroyer
6 x destroyers
1 x tomb spyder
30 x necron warriors
6 x scarab swarms
1 x monolith

The tau forces (from memory sorry if i get it wrong)
1 x command squad
3 x broadsides
1 x hammerhead tank
3 x crisis suits
2 squads stealth warriors
2 squads fire warriors
2 squads human mercenarys

the game :
both armies deployed attempting to make the most of the available cover , with the necron monolith and swarms kept in reserve with the stealth warriors also.

Initial turn
the tau unleash hell with the broadsides firing into a destroyer squad destroying 2 of them (first blood to the tau) the stealth warriors deepstriked into the heart of the necron deployment
the necrons moved forward teleported the scarab swarms into close proximity to the broad sides and the tau hammerhead tank whilst the monolith teleported (on target) to the tau objective marker with close proximity to the main bulk of the tau force.
The necron lord along with a squad of warriors used the viel of darkness to teleport to a vulnerable part of the tau deployment zone unfortunately there was a mishap which cause the lord & squad to appear in the most useless part of the table ( my roll meant that mike could deploy the unit anywhere on the table curses)

Turn Summary
with the monolith sitting on the tau objective marker the 'lith unleashed its power matrix devestating both squads of human mecenarys and damaging the broadside detachment. The Hammerhead tank attacked the 'lith but only managed to damage a weapon and shaking the crew.
The scarab swarms enagaged the hammerhead and the broadsides , the scarabs lost to the broadsides
but managed to destroy both hammerhead weapons and shaken the crew.
at this point all tau heavy weapons team the concentrated fire on the 'lith .
Meanwhile the necron pushed forward destroying most of the tau forces.

important note both the monolith and the hammerhead whilst damaged where not destroyed despite both armys best efforts

game summary
5 turns 3 hours(ish) game played well hopefully i speak for both me and mike that it was a enjoyable and good to play with a more unit choices (to play those juicey units) .

Victory to the Necrons who controlled both objective points

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Re: 1500 point Necron Vs tau

Post by Renny on 31st May 2009, 19:20

Excellent write up sir Very Happy

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