2 Hour Wargames - Chain Reaction 3.0

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2 Hour Wargames - Chain Reaction 3.0

Post by agentofping on 10th May 2009, 21:17

The Two Hour Wargames company has released a free, updated version of their inovative Reaction skimish rules. Chain Reaction 3.0 is the lite introductory version of the rules used in their other games. There is very little book keeping involved and the Reaction system makes for very interesting battles. They also work well for solo play. These rules allow you to play pretty much any setting/period that uses guns. They also produce wargames in many other genres including WWII, Blackpowder, SF and pulp.

I'm a fan of this Reaction system and would love to give it a try, the nice thing is you can use pretty much any figures you have to hand.


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